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ETAC / Insulation Degradation Measurement System SIR
모델명 SIR13 / SIR13 mini / SIR13 SLIM
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등록일 2018-06-11 17:38:30

Insulation degradation measurement system SIR13 / SIR13 mini / SIR13 SLIM

  • The system is designed for 3-way us, namely Electro-chemical Migration detection, insulation resistance measurement and insulation characteristics evaluation.
  • Ammeter is adopted to all CH measures insulation resistance not only continuously but also high-speed (20mse per CH). This system detects Electro-chemical Migration, which started and terminated instantly, accurately.
  • Two types of 250V standard measurement board with 16CH are available. The one is 1ch/1power supply and another is 8ch/1 power supply. 500V and 1KV measurement board is 1ch/1 power supply. Depends on application, useful board is selected.
  • SIR13 accepts to adopt different applied voltage measurement in one system. When Electro-chemical Migration was happened, previous function acquires both data before and after the phenomenon.
  • By utilizing high power unit, insulation evaluation with applied voltage maximum. 10KV is possible.
  • Pulse board, which can set any middle voltage between plus 100V and minas 100V and apply pulse voltage ware repeatedly, is added.
  • ± pulse applied wave can be set by 20 and any ware. It is possible to apply various pulse wave.

SIR 13 with one measurement board is available.


SIR13 Specification

Applied voltage 100VPulse・250V・500V・1kV
High voltage unit 1.5kV・3kV・6kV・10kV
Measurement board Max.8 board (in case of 16ch board,Max128ch)
Maximum current measurement range
and resolution

1) 30mA(1μA resolution)
2) 3.2mA(10nA resolution)
3) 320μA(1nA resolution)
4) 3.2μA(10pA resolution)
5) 32nA(100fA resolution)
6) 320pA(1fA resolution)