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AIKOH / Rotary type torque meter
모델명 Model QR Series
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Rotary type torque meter


Model QR Series


・A torque meter to measure torsion torque while rotating continuously.
・Placed between samples to measure to be used as a device like a coupling system.
・Signals are taken from the slip ring.



Model Model QR Series
Rated capacity 10N・m - 2kN・m
Rated output 1.5mV/V±1%(10 - 50N・m : 1mV/V)
Nonlinearity 0.3%R.O.
Hysteresis 0.2%R.O.
Repeatability 0.3%R.O.
Recommended applied voltage 10V
Allowable applied voltage 15V
Input/output resistance 350Ω±2%
Insulation resistance 2000 MΩ or over
Temperature compensation range -10 ~ +70°C
Allowable temperature range -20 ~ +75°C
Zero point influence by temperature ±0.01%R.O./°C
Output influence by temperature ±0.01%R.O./°C
Allowable overload 150%R.C.
Cable length 2m (optional)
Tip shape Y terminal